Thomas Sheard of Mirfield (1620-1671) Family and Will

Thomas Sheard is the 8th Great Grandfather of the author. He was baptised on 14th May 1620 in Mirfield, West Yorkshire. He married twice:
(1) Thomas married Sarah Brooke, on 19th Jun 1643 in Mirfield, WRY. She died Dec 1650 or January 1651, Buried: 06 Jan 1651 in Mirfield, WRY.

It looks like Sarah may have died as a result of the complications of childbirth, as their fourth child Elizabeth was baptised 24th December. Sarah herself died a few days after the birth of Elizabeth. Thomas seems to have re-married quickly – with four children including an infant, a new wife would have been a necessity. Sarah was buried in January and he remarried to Grace Barker in April. Baby Elizabeth died in July 1651.

Thomas’s children with Sarah Brooke:

  1. Richard Sheard, born 1644, Bapt: 30 Mar 1644 in Mirfield, WRY, died 1696, Bur: 05 Jan 1696 in Mirfield, WRY. Executor of Father’s will in 1671.
  2. Grace Sheard, born 1646, Bapt: 25 Jun 1646 in Mirfield, WRY. Death 30th Dec 1650 at Hopton (Mirfield)
  3. Sarah Sheard, born 1649, Bapt: 16 Mar 1649 in Mirfield, WRY, died 1650, Bur: 12 Jan 1650 in Mirfield, WRY.
  4. Elizabeth Sheard, born 1650, Bapt: 24 Dec 1650 in Mirfield, WRY, died 1651, Bur: 27 Jun 1651 in Mirfield, WRY.

Thomas married (2) Grace Barker on 14th Apr 1651 in Mirfield, WRY.
Grace was born 1628, (daughter of Thomas Barker and Alice Wilson) died 1694, Bur: 01 Jul 1694 in Mirfield, WRY. 

Thomas’s children with Grace Barker:

  1. Ann Sheard, born 1654, Bapt: 20 Jul 1654 in Mirfield, WRY. Date of death unknown.
  2. Joshua Sheard born 1656. Alive in 1671 when Thomas made his will.
  3. Martha Sheard born abt 1657. Alive in 1671 when Thomas made his will.
  4. Anthony Sheard, born 1659, Bapt: 17 Dec 1659 in Mirfield, WRY. Died before 26th Aug 1671.
  5. Aaron Sheard born 1661 died 1712
  6. Eden Sheard, born 1664, Bapt: 17 Jan 1664 in Mirfield, WRY. Alive in 1671 when Thomas made his will.
  7. Joseph Sheard, born 1666, Bapt: 06 Jun 1666 in Mirfield, WRY. Died 1669.
  8. Timothy Sheard, born 1668, Bapt: 03 Mar 1668 in Mirfield, WRY, died 1668, Bur: 30 Sep 1668 in Mirfield, WRY.

When Thomas died, aged 51, only six of the twelve children, born to him by his two wives, were still living and mentioned in his will.

Will of Thomas Sheard “the Elder” of Mirfield 26th August 1671

In the Name of God Amen. I Thomas Sheard of Mirfield Senior being weak and sick in bodie yet in perfect mind and memory praised be the Lord for the same do make and appoint this my last will and testament in manner and form following: Viz first I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God my master and redeemer and my body to be buried in the ..?.. Churchyard of Mirfield.

  • Item my will and mind is that after all my debts and funeral expenses be discharged that my son Richard shall have £10.
  • Item I give unto my daughter Ann £10 after she comes to the lawful years of 1 and 20 if she lives so long.
  • Item I give to my son Joshuah £10 after he comes to the lawful years of 1 and 20.
  • Item I give to my son Aron £10 after he comes to the lawful years of 1 and 20.
  • Item I give unto my daughter Eden £10 after she comes to the lawful years 1 and 20.
  • And for the rest of my estate goods and cattle and chattels I do give and bequeath them unto my wife Grace Sheard whom I do leave as Executrix of all my estate etc.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 26th day of August in the year of our lord 1671.

Thomas Sheard (Made his mark)


Robert Holdsworth (Signed)

Edward Barker(Mark)

Thomas Peart (Signed)