Links that I have found useful:


I am grateful to the armies of researchers and transcribers who have published vital information on the internet – the secondary sources that helped me when I got stuck and prompted me where to look next. They have opened up doors I never knew were there.

In some cases I have been hugely lucky to find a “one-name study”. The Sheard and Hemingway lines have been widely researched by an army of enthusiastic people before me, who were willing to share. Special thanks to Linda Davison and Deb Walker, who generously shared their research on our Sheard family history with me. Also thanks to Maurice Hemingway of the Hemingway one name study.

I was lucky to find, through my own research, a distant cousin who was willing to share much of what she has found from early parish records and sent me copies of wills that I had not tapped into…so thank you to Elizabeth Gardiner, whose help with the Archer line has been invaluable.

The Ellis line of Ossett has been the most difficult. There is still opportunity there, but it will mean some diligent searching of original records. There is an Ellis of Ossett pedigree lodged with the College of Arms and I looked into the possibility of having a copy of that, but the fee to buy a copy was three figures, so I didn’t pursue that one as it may not contain my direct ancestors! So, if anyone out there is researching Ellis of Ossett, and think they are related, please get in touch!

Lastly, thanks to Malcolm Byard for sharing his work on madness and felony with me.

Updated Jan 2019